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Lead an active lifestyle, exercise, swim or ride a bike. Refuse to wear tight underwear and clothing, belts and corsets. Do not wear weight-bearing devices on your belt (weapons, cartridges, tools, etc.). Refrain from excessive load on the lower back. Avoid hypothermia. If necessary, wear an unloading corset.

Roth's disease is a common pathology that affects men and women equally. Persons of average and advanced age suffer. In young people, Roth-Bernhardt's disease occurs with sedentary work, overweight and a sedentary lifestyle.

The lack of regular physical activity on the muscles of the lower extremities provokes the development of carpal tunnel syndrome, in which the median femoral nerve is affected. What is Roth Bernhardt's paresthetic meralgia, we will tell in the proposed material. Here you can also learn about the symptoms of Roth's disease, methods of treatment using manual therapy techniques.

As a rule, middle-aged men are ill, but there are also family cases of spiriva. In 1895, M. Bernhardt proposed an infectious-toxic theory of nerve damage, and V.K. Roth proposed a compression theory. As a result of nerve compression, the conduction of the nerve impulse changes and metabolic processes in the nerve fiber are disturbed, nerve atrophy, inflammation, pain, and swelling occur.

Roth's disease affects men over 50 years of age.

The most common cause is neuropathy of tiotropium bromide cutaneous nerve of the thigh with the manifestation of sensitive symptoms that require immediate treatment. Roth's disease is a neuropathy of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve (red in the figure).

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The main methods of prevention are the elimination of factors that provoke the development of the Roth-Bernhardt symptom. It is worth wearing only comfortable spacious clothes made from natural fabrics and leading a healthy active lifestyle. Physical exercises, hygiene of Spiriva and rest will help to prevent the disease. Roth's disease responds well to treatment and is rarely severe in the course of the pathology. For any discomfort that occurs in the thigh, groin, you should contact a neurologist. Roth-Berngart disease is not such a rare pathology that affects both men and women. This disease is more common in people of middle and older age. The disease does not bypass young people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, are overweight and spend the whole day in a sitting position.

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You need to seek help from a neurologist.

The main motivating factor in the occurrence of carpal tunnel syndrome is the lack of regular muscle activity of the lower extremities. With the timely detection of symptoms of Roth's disease, treatment should be started immediately in order to prevent serious consequences. The disease almost always responds well to treatment and does not bring dangerous consequences leading to disability. But the advanced form of the disease can worsen the quality of life of the patient and lead to the development of complications in the form of trophic ulcers and lameness. It will be more difficult to cure these secondary symptoms.

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Roth's disease (or paresthetic meralgia) is one of the most common types of carpal tunnel syndrome caused by compression of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve at the anterior iliac bone or inguinal ligament. It is manifested not so much by pain as by the appearance of unpleasant sensations of a different nature. In this article, we will introduce you to the main causes, symptoms, and treatments for Roth's disease. Having learned about the manifestations of this disease, you will be able to make a decision on the need to see a doctor in time and will be able to get rid of the annoying signs of this tunnel syndrome.

zone of perforation of the wide fascia of the thigh; exit zone under the inguinal ligament; the zone of passage of the loose bundle of a part of the inguinal ligament. As a rule, the treatment of this disease is both symptomatic and prophylactic, aimed at eliminating the cause of compression of the nerve trunk. It includes activities such as: Normalization of body weight; Exclusion of nerve compression by external causes (exclusion of tiotropium bromide narrow and tight underwear, belts); Symptomatic therapy aimed at eliminating edema and muscle hypertonicity: non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, centrally acting muscle relaxants.

The first group includes xefocam, voltaren, meloxicam. The second includes midokalm, sirdalud. As a rule, with paresthetic meralgia, the inflammatory component is never too pronounced, so they can be safely used: electrophoresis and novocaine, UHF therapy, diadynamic currents. Acupuncture, moxotherapy (deep heating of biologically active points with wormwood cigars) has a good effect In the photo, UHF therapy for Roth's disease.

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In order not to experience problems with the cutaneous nerve of the thigh, you neednot only to lead a healthy lifestyle and move actively, but also not to get involved in hunting and military sports. All activities in which there is a burden on the belt - weapons (firearms, cold), cartridges, a rescue belt with excessive load, especially associated with hypothermia, can lead to this disease. And also take into account all the common ones for all types of neuralgia.

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Roth-Bernhardt disease can occur with a wide variety of symptoms, so sometimes it is necessary to resort to a large number of diagnostic procedures to make an accurate diagnosis. Some patients describe their condition as crawling, numbness, or tingling in the thigh area. Another common symptom is a constant feeling of cold on the front and side of the thigh. In this case, changes appear only on one side.